Caverly Morgan will offer a live 90-minute class to a global audience on Sunday, January 7 from 11am-12:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Tune in at The class will include a guided meditation, a talk, and an interactive discussion.

Awakening to the New Year: Creating Conscious Intentions 

What gets in the way of happiness and peace? When our attention is identified with the conditioned mind we forget who we authentically are. The premise of this On-line class is that you are Awareness. Our true nature Awareness, is like an open, empty, allowing space. As such, we resist nothing, hold nothing, seek nothing. Thus, happiness is our essential nature. 

When we align our attention with the conditioned mind, we identify with the illusion of a self that is separate from life. From this distortion, we leave our direct experience of who we authentically are and seek happiness in objects.

Suffering is not the opposite of happiness; it is the veiling of happiness. It is a call from happiness itself, reminding us that we have mistaken our true nature for an idea, an image or an object.

If our attention is aligned with the conditioned mind then energy will follow that. (If I’m constantly attending to the story that I’m over-weight, I might engage in self-harming behaviors, for example.) If my attention is focused on the remembrance of who I authentically am,  behaviors follow – actions that are in alignment with the recognition of myself as awareness. From this place, we can create conscious intentions. These intentions have a very different flavor than traditional New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are a self improvement plan.

Practice is not a self-improvement plan. The separate self that asserts it wants to improve is a creation. There is no self to improve.

Join us for this call on the 7th to explore this topic with Caverly. 

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