What do you want more than happiness? We all long for it. It's the desire underneath all of our searching.

Likely you realize it can't be found externally. You may have tried to find it through forms of self-help. You've read inspiring books by great teachers. You've resonated with their wisdom. And have you ever struggled to live by these truths in your daily life?

The Bridge to Happiness course supports us in living from truth. It's an accessible and informative course that integrates a variety of great wisdom teachings. It shows you how to align your life with your deepest understanding.

The Bridge to Happiness is founded in the revolutionary understanding that your true nature is wholeness, awareness, and unconditional love. When we wake up to our true nature, our lives begin to transform. Then contemplative practice is no longer founded on striving and searching, rather the alignment of all aspects of your life with your realization.

This Bridge to Happiness course includes four modules:

  1. Recognizing the Conditioned Mind

  2. Seeing How We Survived Our Lives

  3. Accessing Compassion

  4. Knowing Yourself as Awareness

Also included during the span of this course are weekly community calls allowing you to actively engage with Caverly and others on the journey.

You'll be skillfully guided through this process by Caverly Morgan, a former monk who is dedicated to making contemplative wisdom accessible to all. Join us as we learn to live from authenticity and truth in daily life. Join us as we ground the depth of contemplative teachings in our everyday world.

  • Learn how to integrate the truths of the great wisdom traditions into your daily life.

  • Learn a fresh and accessible approach to contemplative practice that covers both foundational and advanced practices.

  • Leave with tools, structures, and supports to integrate your learnings into daily life after the course

  • Learn how to direct the attention and recognize processes of the conditioned mind

  • See and let go of survival strategies and explore a unique approach to self-compassion.

  • Learn how to rest the attention at its source, and know oneself as awareness.