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Caverly is delighted to be presenting at the 2019 Science and Nonduality Conference!

On October 25th, she'll be joined by Barnaby Willett and Gia Naranjo-Rivera to give a presentation on "New Research on Trauma, Love and Transformation."

Without a shift in consciousness, humanity will become extinct. To effect a shift at large scale requires a contemplative turn in our educational systems. Practice- models are needed to blaze a pathway for this transformation. The nonprofit Peace in Schools has pioneered the deepest practice-model in contemplative education in schools.

In 2018, we partnered with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on the first scientific study globally to research mindfulness and trauma by examining adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in schools. You’ll receive a preview of initial findings and learn about a non-dual, connective, love-based model that we can leverage for collective transformation.

On October 26th, Caverly will join Dr. Sará King and others for a panel on social justice. Stay tuned for more information!

Caverly’s Presentation from the 2018 SAND Conference - The Relative is the Absolute: Touching Race, Injustice & Love

Watch Caverly’s presentation from the 2018 SAND conference: “The Relative is the Absolute: Touching Race, Injustice & Love.”