• Penland School of Crafts (map)
  • 67 Doras Trail
  • Bakersville, NC 28705

Caverly is delighted to offer a workshop on Mindfulness and Making at the Penland School of Crafts in Bakersville, North Carolina. She will be joined by co-teacher Joy Seidler.

That which is never born and never dies is always singing. This workshop invites you to explore ways we can source our creative endeavors from the deep river-beneath-the-river—the eternal wellspring of consciousness experienced in quiet moments of meditation and creative practice.

We’ll explore how intention and attention, spontaneous play, structured limits, and direct experience of the mystery can guide us. We’ll employ multiple crafts—including paste-paper, journal making, clay, and more—as vehicles for the practice of presence and receptivity. We’ll explore meditation, weaving creative mindful practice into life, and the role of service in the craft arts. All levels are welcome!