All being is shared being. To know that is peace. To live that is love.
— Caverly

When we engage in the distortion that the relative plane is separate from the absolute – that it is something to transcend or ‘just an illusion’ – we ignore the reality of the illusion. What is the illusion comprised of? How is it known? And by whom?

The relative may appear to arise out of the absolute, as waves appear to arise out of the ocean, but like waves, both relative and absolute are components of a greater whole. They are not separate. When we know ourselves as this whole which subsumes everything, we cease to diminish or dismiss the mystery of being human. We experience viscerally that “the world is my family.”

From this understanding, we recognize that liberation is not a singular experience. There can be no individual ego that experiences enlightenment. We suffer when we forget that. We suffer when we perceive ourselves as separate from the collective – on the level of consciousness (the absolute) as well as with our neighbor (the relative).

When we recognize that the world is arising in us, Awareness, there is nothing to dismiss. How, then, in our situation of privilege on the relative plane, do we dismiss injustice, bias, cruelty in the name of transcendence or ‘spiritual understanding’? How do we participate in systems of oppression while ignoring the effects on our neighbor, as well as the whole?

Do we fall for the story that the awakened life we seek is mine to have rather than ours to be? And what’s love got to do with it?

Course Description:

Each live webinar will include a guided meditation and discussion with Caverly. Whether through guided experience or discussion, everything will be an opportunity to explore our direct experience. Assignments will be offered at the end of each call, allowing the material to be fully integrated into everyday life.

Week 1 – Form is Not Different from Emptiness

We begin the course with the truth of oneness. From the recognition of this truth, we are unafraid to know the absolute while simultaneously engaging in the relative. We don’t experience them as separate.

“In order to fully realize our humanity it is necessary to recognize our divinity.” – Rupert Spira

In module one, we lay the groundwork for our exploration by defining terms and exploring the consequences of identifying with the illusion that the absolute and relative are separate.

Duration: 90 mins

Week 2 – Embodiment is the Nexus

In module two, we explore the way in which our liberation is bound in each other. In a faulty understanding of the nature of reality, we are oppressed. In a faulty understanding of the nature of our social structures, we are oppressed. This module explores race and injustice through the truth of collective liberation – which is inherent and our birthright.

“Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.” – Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Duration: 90 mins

Week 3 – Loving and Living Truth in the World

On truth’s path, wise is mad, insane is wise. In love’s way, self and other are the same. Having drunk the wine, my love, of being one with you, I find the way to Mecca and Bodghaya are the same.” – #302, from Rumi’s Kolliyaat-e Shams-e Tabrizi (Tehran, Amrir Kabrir, 1988)

The final module for the course will focus on love. Loving wholeheartedly. Loving fully. Loving recklessly. We’ll explore living in accordance with our deepest understanding and acting in service to and on behalf of that understanding.

“All being is shared being. To know that is peace. To live that is love.”
— Caverly

Duration: 90 mins