• Dharma Rain Zen Center (map)
  • 8500 Northeast Siskiyou Street
  • Portland, OR, 97220
  • United States

Please join the Dharma Rain Zen Center Community as Caverly visits to offer a guest dharma talk. Topic and details provided below.

Being a Buddha
Zen master Bankei said, “Rather than trying to become a buddha, nothing could be simpler than taking the shortcut of remaining a buddha!”

We are that which we long for. In the original spirit of Zen, we focus on direct experience. We recognize that we are, already, the Buddha.

Given that we often do not experience ourselves that way, through compassionate awareness we inquire into the nature of what appears to block realization. Even while exploring the mind of limitation, we do so from the recognition of ourselves as whole, complete, and interconnected. Our practice of inquiry becomes a non-practice of resting and remaining in that which we already are.

Join Caverly for meditation, dharma talk, and discussion at Dharma Rain Zen Center, Sunday, September 16th from 8:30-11:30am. For full details please visit Dharma Rain Zen Center’s event listing here.