January 23 2019: peace in schools fosters awareness, kindness - interview on kboo community radio


In this interview on The Recovery Zone on KBOO Community Radio, host Stephanie Potter talks with Peace in Schools Founder and Guiding Teacher Caverly Morgan and Program Director and Lead Teacher Janice Martellucci about their program and how and why it has been so well-received.


New Q&A video series: what’s the most important thing to know about meditation? - January 17, 2019

In Caverly’s new Q&A series, she'll release a new video each month, responding to a question written in from a meditation student. She'll be joined by Barnaby Willett, Director of Innovation and Partnerships and Lead Teacher for Presence Collective and Peace in Schools.

In the first video in this series, where Caverly responds to the question "What's the most important thing to know about meditation?"


October 7 2018: The Relative is the Absolute: Touching Race, Injustice, and Love

When we engage in the distortion that the relative plane is separate from the absolute – that it is something to transcend or ‘just an illusion’ – we ignore the reality of the illusion. When we know ourselves as a whole which subsumes everything, we cease to diminish or dismiss the mystery of being human. We experience viscerally that “the world is my family.” From this understanding, we recognize that liberation is not a singular experience and ease our suffering in this remembering.

This teaching was presented through the Worldwide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions. 


September 2018 Teaching at Dharma Rain Zen Center: Being a Buddha


Caverly was honored to be invited to offer a dharma talk at the Dharma Rain Zen Center in Portland, Oregon, in September 2018. Her topic was “Being a Buddha.”


may 2018 interview on buddha at the gas pump with rick archer


2017 Science & Nonduality Conference Presentation: "Can Teens Help Us Collectively Awaken?”

In this powerful presentation shared with the Science and Nonduality community in October 2017 as part of their annual US conference, Caverly shares stories from teens that the Peace in School program has reached - and the profound affect it's had on their lives.

Interspersed with moving video from students and parents, Caverly tells how Peace in Schools started as an unlikely after school program, how it's grown to serve thousands of teens and adults, and her vision for the future.


2017 Science & Nonduality conference Panel Discussion: "Sacred Activism"

Vera de Chalambert chairs a panel with four sacred activists: Caverly Morgan, Charles Eisenstein, Rev. Deborah Johnson and Rory McEntee. Describing their own particular paths, especially how ordinary activism becomes sacred activism, they attempt to answer the question: How can I best serve? And in the closing Q&A session there are striking and refreshing perspectives on the current political situation.



In February 2018 Caverly was honored to offer a dharma talk at Against the Stream in San Francisco, CA. The practice group was welcoming and engaging, and this video features a recording of the evening's sit and teachings.


Creating Conscious Intentions

When we move on behalf of the recognition of our true nature, a conscious intention becomes a way to align all aspects of our lives with our deepest understanding and recognition of truth. A conscious intention is seeped in possibility. While it may even look similar on some level, on the surface, to a conditioned goal, it is born of different soil. It is not what, it is how. Conscious intention is a reflection of the infinite possibility exhibited in all of life. It is grounded in the recognition of our wholeness. It is enlivened by Love.

This teaching was presented through the Worldwide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions. 


Certainty in an Uncertain World

We forget that we are, inherently, the balance that we seek. It’s not situational. If you embrace the darkness of the tunnel, or the density of a forest with a thick canopy – the busyness of our lives is just that. It’s just like walking through a forest. It is possible to find the openness in the dark places. This cannot happen, however, when the attention is consumed by the narrative that there is something wrong — with where we are, with how we are, with who we are.

This teaching was presented through the WorldWide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions.


bringing the world into the heart

What does it mean to bring the world into the heart? In these divided times, for those of us practicing peace, for those of us dedicated to liberation, we’ve been offered a grand opportunity to accept what we haven’t be willing to accept. To give what we haven’t been able to give. To love what we haven’t been willing to love. What else is possible when we allow our mistaken perception of an “other” to rest in the recognition of oneness?

This teaching was presented through the Worldwide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions. 


The ultimate Relationship: opening to love

We are deeply conditioned to look for love outside ourselves. In that desperate search, we not only experience the frustration and the futility of grasping, we lose sight of who we authentically are. In this session, Caverly offers practices that not only remind us of our true nature, but guide us to a direct experience of it. 

This teaching was presented through the Worldwide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions. 


befriending the emotions

So often we struggle because we’re resisting, fixing, changing, or even “transcending” our experiences. What shifts when instead of pushing our emotions away, we invite them closer in? What changes when we learn to relate to our emotions like a welcoming friend? And, what changes when we are able to access the place in which there is no welcomer and no separate thing to be welcomed?

This teaching was presented through the Worldwide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions. 


the voiceless voice of awareness

How often does it seem that the master of your life is the conditioned mind? To what degree does this mind of limitation color your experience? When the conditioned mind reigns, it becomes difficult to hear the still, small, voice within. This voice could also be talked about as the voiceless voice of awareness itself. What shifts in our practice when the recognition of ourselves as awareness colonizes our experience? What becomes possible?

This teaching was presented through the Worldwide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions. 


surrendering to awareness

Often in spiritual practice there is the encouragement to observe. From that place of observation we attempt to “be with” what arises. When does that intention get colonized by the ego? Who is it that is “being with”? What is it that is “being with”? What shifts in our practice when we surrender what is arising to awareness? What shifts when we recognize ourselves as awareness?

This teaching was presented through the Worldwide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions. 


awakening from fear

We need not avoid fear. Fear belongs to the illusion of a self that is separate from life. It is the byproduct of identifying with that illusion. Often, fear arises in the very moment that our awareness practices are bringing us closer to a direct experience of who we authentically are. For this reason, in practice, we can reframe our experience by seeing fear as a green light rather than a red light. We can learn to move towards, rather than away. If we want to live without fear, we must first learn how to live with it.

This teaching was presented through the Worldwide Insight Sunday Insight Sessions.